[thelist] help me compress this JS function?

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 08:50:48 CST 2003

--- Jeff Howden <jeff at jeffhowden.com> wrote:
> oooh, optimizing is fun.

Isn't it though?

<snip original function>
> part of the problem with your current function is that the button's
> value is set for each iteration through the loop.  you really 
> should only be setting it once.

All I can say on that one is.."oops"...

> also, it seems, based on your function that you're toggling whether
> the checkboxes are checked, and not actually setting all to checked

> or all to [...]

Yes, dernit I noticed that right after I sent this. Normally I would
do this using another checkbox (like on your example) but they don't
want that, just the button. So I can't check the 'checked' value of a
controlling checkbox. Right now I have it changed just to check them
all and not toggle it.

> there's no if.  the tertiary operator is used as a statement.
> myElement.checked = (matchGroup == cbGroup) ? true : false;

Ahhh I knew I had something wrong.

> or, since the statement (matchGroup == cgGroup) will return a
> boolean already, drop the tertiary operator and reduce it to:
> myElement.checked = (matchGroup == cbGroup)

Yes, a good solution!

> i suspect part of the difficulty with your function is that you're
> not naming groups of checkboxes with the same name.  if that's the
> case, change that.  in order to operate on groups of checkboxes in 
> an efficient manner, you really need to have them all share the 
> same name.

Ah, I've just looked again at yours. So naming them all the same name
attribute is a good idea? I see you used the ID as the unique
identifier, which makes sense. I will try that instead. Someone else
suggested using the fieldset to check the group, but I think I like
this idea better.

As always Jeff thanks!


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