[thelist] file inputs and styling the button etc

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 09:06:02 CST 2003

--- Jeff Howden <jeff at jeffhowden.com> wrote:

> and you can't simulate one either, so stop trying.
> seriously.

Firstly - let me say "I am only following orders." ;) No, you can't
simulate it in HTML. But I have seen buttons linked to file uploads
before using server side technology.

> you can't set the text input to 100% as well?

Yes, I can of course - that pushes the button to the next line. 

> dom-walking in ie5.5+ and ns6+?  yeah, highly doable.  but, will it
> solve your problem with the file input?  no.

I'll have to ask around and see what they plan on doing - since the
developers here didn't seem to think it was a problem ;)


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