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Jeana Bucholz diva at divadesigngroup.com
Fri Mar 28 09:06:08 CST 2003

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> At 10:13 AM 27/03/2003, you wrote:
> > > It's quite large (about 9 MB), which is, I think, why it got stuck.
> > > Any suggestions for how I might get it delivered?
> >
> >yes, upload the file to some web space somewhere, and email the url
> Thanks -- unfortunately I didn't send the message -- if there was some way
> that I could get my hands on it, though, I could certainly do this. The
> attachment is a PDF, and the whole thing is in a dfM... file in mqueue --
> is there any way that I can get it out of there and have a useable file?
> (Getting the person who did send it to send it by other means is,
> unfortunately, not really an option.)
> Thanks,
> Noah


Is sendmail on a linux system or windows?  If it's on linux and you have
command line access, I recomend using Pine to access that mail box, then try
forwarding the message out to a different mail system that you (or a friend)
could try retrieving the message from.  Sendmail is notorious for locking up
mailboxes when large messages hit it.  If the message has not gotten
corrupted and does indeed forward, have patience when recieving it.  It's
going to have to churn a while to come in.  Hitting Send/Receive over and
over will just lock you up again..  LOL.  Good luck.


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