[thelist] Styling the Active Link State

Mark Groen mark at markgroen.com
Fri Mar 28 09:26:51 CST 2003

> --- chase at ontask.net wrote:
> > Using CSS, how do you eliminate the dashed box around a link that is
> > being clicked on? Especially in Win IE 5 something, the box
> stays
> > visible even after using the back button to return to the previous
> > page.

It's not a CSS thing, it's for accessiblity for those like me that use the keyboard 
rather than the mouse to navigate and as a general rule the focus rectangles 
should not be removed. However, there is a Macromedia extension that 
supposedly will remove them but that's not a good thing. They do have a link to 
Project Seven that has a script that says it removes them but still maintains 
accessiblity so I'm guessing they are using a bit of javascript to detect a 
keystroke which means you would have to have scripting turned on tho' for it to 



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