[thelist] Styling the Active Link State

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Mar 28 09:30:22 CST 2003

> I believe this is an OS function - I'd be surprised if you could do
> anything about it. I don't think you can, however I will be
> interested to find out if otherwise.

tom, if anyone knows, it will be your pal jeff

you two snugglebunnies, eh

chase, i think it can be done with an event handler in javascript

jeff will know

here's my take on the issue, if you're interested:  don't worry about it

although if you're being *paid* to find out, chase, that might be a
different story

i would mention to the client not to override browser behaviour

    dear client:
    IE users (but how many is that, eh) will have become accustomed
    to that behaviour, because it happens on all the other sites they
    visit, so it's fair to expect that some users (but how many would 
    even notice, eh) will have seen the dotted lines whenever they use 
    the back button (as if any of them actually ever go back, eh), so 
    it is entirely possible that some of them will also have come to
    expect to see the dotted lines...
       "ah, where was i before i clicked away to
        that unfortunate other site, let's see...  
        hmm, i know i got there from here...
        where was i? where's my dotted lines?"
    personally, i would do nothing to confuse IE users, dear client, 
    but if you wish me to take out the dotted lines, please instruct me 
    to take out the dotted lines


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