[thelist] Styling the Active Link State

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 28 09:32:10 CST 2003

> From: chase at ontask.net
> Using CSS, how do you eliminate the dashed box around a link that is
> being clicked on? Especially in Win IE 5 something, the box stays
> visible even after using the back button to return to the previous
> page.

it's worth noting that, as a user, i find this particular behavior to be 
a Very Good Thing(tm)... i rely on it all the time... i also know 
some handicapped users who rely on it to make tabbing through a 
page easier...

but i'll give you a hint: focus.

now, i've just given you a gun... if you find the bullets online, good 
for you... once you have it all, throw it all in the river and forget you 
ever had it, because every time someone tries to disable this 
feature they make the site unusable for more users than you might 
think -- and i mean *completely* unusable...

> I read the answer for my question once... and now I can't find it
> again. So a second question would be: what is the best way to look for
> information of this type?

google thelist archives... it's been asked here a few times...

type this into the search page at google:
	dotted line around link site:lists.evolt.org

or type this into the search box at http://lists.evolt.org:
	dotted line around link

which both return this:

read the first two posts that come up, and please take what they 
say to heart -- disabling it is a bad idea...


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  Web Graphics for Non-Designers
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