[thelist] SS Include question

Carol Stein techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Fri Mar 28 11:00:04 CST 2003


Sorry I don't have the mail address for Jamie Bakum to CC...

At 08:30 AM 3/27/2003, Jamie Bakum wrote:
>> I realize without seeing the code it may be hard to point to just what 
>> I've messed up, but I was wondering if this might be the type of problem 
>> where some here might go, "ahh, sounds like you need to <do some action> 
>> to your <some noun>. I'm confused that it seems to be working "some" of 
>> the time...
Anthony Baratta replied
> At minimum, this should work from anywhere on your server, if you have 
> .shtml globally activated for your website:

Okay, guys, this may sound incredibly picky, but on my virtual server, I
learned one HAS to have the space after the comment tag before the
#include. So it really has to look like this:
         <!-- #include virtual="/full/web/path/to/include.inc" -->
You also (on my virtual server, anyway) have to have that space you
correctly show before the closing...    the     -->
Do you see the difference?
WRONG:         <!--#include         
RIGHT:		 <!-- #include

HTH... Carol

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