[thelist] Styling the Active Link State

Lena Marianne Arvola chase at ontask.net
Fri Mar 28 13:03:03 CST 2003

> it's worth noting that, as a user, i find this particular behavior to
> be  a Very Good Thing(tm)... i rely on it all the time... i also know 
> some handicapped users who rely on it to make tabbing through a 
> page easier...

I certainly believe in accessibility in designing. The purpose I had in 
mind is that I am designing a header that contains a row of several small 
photographs. During some recent user testing, the feedback was made that 
the user wishes they could click on the photos for navigation or just to 
get more information about the picture (more than just an alt tag). Since 
the design team does not want to have a one to one relationship between the 
global navigation items ... there are 6 categories... we decided that we 
don't want each picture linking to a specific navigation item.

So, instead, I added a link on the four images (which is one image really) 
to a new page that describes the pictures, and I've added placeholders for 
linking to larger images, etc.

Although, I've noticed that the dashed line around the images in the header 
is distracting when using the back button or when navigating back to that 
original page.

Not a major problem... just not pretty.

Thanks for all the good info!!!

On Task Technologies

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