[thelist] web site check!

Austin Govella austin at desiremedia.com
Fri Mar 28 15:35:15 CST 2003

Love the colors and the design. Very attractive. The globes on the left 
side look fuzzy on closer inspection, which clashes with the overall 
precise and clean feel of the rest o the design.

The four icons for Search, Help, Map, and CV aren't clear. I guessed their 
function from their URLs. You might add title attributes to each to 
further clarify where they lead.

The site name is under Technologique on the left. It seems more natural to 
have it on top. Just seems weird to me. Definitely a stylistic point, 

On the interior pages, the drop-down menu is obscured. I didn't notice it 
until I happened to see the javascript for it in your source.

The header doesn't stay at the top (NS7 MAC), but snaps back to the top 
once I've stopped scrolling. The snapping feels weird.

I like the interior design. Very clean and very readable. The color scheme,
  in general, is very inviting.

I like your use of icons. The pop-up windows seem unnecessary.

Interior pages don't validate to W3C standards:

It would be pretty easy to get the site to validate, and the validation 
would make the site more cross-browser/platform compatible.

Hope some of this helps. The site looks really nice.

Take care,
Austin Govella

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