[thelist] Bah! My domain name is down the drain?

Gina Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Sat Mar 29 10:49:17 CST 2003


>> Ummm,  just how creative are you?

Well, I like to think I'm pretty creative :shrug: What's creative to one is
mundane to others I suppose.

> Ya think it's too close?
>> Too close for what? Competition? You are going to have some, pardon me -
>> some but a *lot* of competition with such a generic name. Googling on
>> creative" without the quotes gave me way too much info, like about 65,000
>> results. Time to get plum creative ;-)

I think anything without quotes, unless it's a 'real name' like
markgroen.com (googled 24,700), is going to get some hefty results if the
name is easy to remember, made out of common words, and not spelled weird. I
could name my business 89UGJTR14.com and it's original, and if I searched on
it only one result would come up, but who could remember that well enough to
search on it anyway :-)


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