[thelist] web site check!

hans fraser hfraser at videotron.ca
Sat Mar 29 12:37:23 CST 2003

thank you all for your coments ... (it means a lot to me) debugging is 
under way and all because of you ;-) !

for those of you who do not understand french!
michelCartier.com is the portal of a researcher on the impact of new 
technologies on society he has several books out (i think they are all 
in french ... not sure on that one) and is research is divided on three 
poles economic, society, and technological impacts it is pretty 
facinating once you get into it and he is pretty accurate with the 
previsions ! the "dossier rupture" is pretty much what is happening 
right now!

and again thank you all!
Hans-Frédéric Fraser

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