[thelist] [toronto] Webstandards.TO coffee date on Thursday at 7:00

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Mar 29 18:18:32 CST 2003

below is a note from joe clark which you may have seen on another list

joe's not on evolt but i'm sure he won't mind me forwarding it

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invitation from joe follows:

> OK, the first small-scale, no-pressure,
> let's-just-get-shitfaced-on-espresso-and-talk-about-Web-standards
> meeting will be:
> Thursday, April 3
> 7:00
> Second Cup, NW corner of King and Bathurst
> I think they have WiFi. They have reasonably comfortable armchairs,
> and a faux fireplace.
> The Meetup.com listing for their own meeting was canceled on that
> date. Now it's happening under separate management.
> Bring your computers and, of course, digicams.
> We'll sit around and laugh and talk and bond and really just *groove*
> on the topics of standards-compliant Web development, stylesheets,
> accessibility, and usability. Our new Web-development techniques will
> be *unstoppable*.
> Tell your friends.
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