[thelist] Open source CMS with deep level hierarchical tree menu

Guy Berresford Guy.Berresford at uce.ac.uk
Mon Jun 30 05:13:56 CDT 2003

I'm trying to find an open source content management system that allows access to mutiple levels of hierachy by
either search or navigation. All but one of the CMS's I have come across don't really appear to be CMS's at all but
but just news portals and forums. I am looking for something purely to impart information.

I'm looking for a CMS where any search results that you follow, locate you withing the sites structure using both a tree menu and a biscuit trail. The only CMS I have found so far that can do this is TYPO3, but this is too advanced for my needs.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on whether the CMS I am lookin for actually exists, or whether I should be consentrating my efforts on either buying one, or learning PHP myself.


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