[thelist] Website Navigation Examples (continued on parallel path)

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Mon Jun 30 11:15:04 CDT 2003


What methods do ya'll (I'm from Texas I can say ya'll :-) use when designing
navigations for the site. Typically you can remain neutral by just using
text with links colored in the web site theme. But as far as the graphical
side of things goes, I'm still perplexed.

What makes website A different from website B are the aesthetics. I
personally would like to see examples of effective uses of graphical theming
in navigation. 

Our original attempt at a navigation system for our company involved a
pretty neat approach, but cheesy none-the-less. (We're a Heat Tracing
Company to set the foundation for your minds. One of our primary products is
heating cable). I went out and found the font used on the cable itself, a
typical 5x7 dot matrix font such as Ongo and DOTMATR. I typed our navigation
items: Organization, Products, etc., using this font and the placing this on
our cables as if had been printed. Alas, I don't have the graphics anymore
as an example, but you get the idea. We opted for a text navigation from my
first paragraph.

I read through the "Website Navigation Examples" and really didn't get what
I wanted. Do ya'll know of any that relate to what I'm referencing?


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