[thelist] Open source CMS with deep level hierarchical treemenu

Steve Purkiss steve at purkiss.com
Mon Jun 30 11:26:44 CDT 2003

Have you looked at http://www.xaraya.com? It's nearing v1.0 and looks v.good
(going to use it for my site when I get the chance!) - different than the
rest of the *nukes, very XML focussed and PHP so doesn't have the steep
learning curve Plone/Zope seem to have...


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> [Guy Berresford wrote (Guy.Berresford at uce.ac.uk) on 6/30/03 10:13 AM]
> > I'm trying to find an open source content management system that allows
> > to mutiple levels of hierachy by
> > either search or navigation. All but one of the CMS's I have come across
> > really appear to be CMS's at all but
> > but just news portals and forums. I am looking for something purely to
> > information.
> Zope will enable you to do this. http://zope.org (zope.org is a bit of
> you might look at plone.org as well)
> > I'm looking for a CMS where any search results that you follow, locate
> > withing the sites structure using both a tree menu and a biscuit trail.
> well you can build this yourself, but plone/zope comes with this built in.
> hth
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