[thelist] media/image management

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Mon Jun 30 14:32:34 CDT 2003

Chris W. Parker wrote:

> The type will probably be defined in a separate table so that it can 
> be administered via a web page. The different types I've come up with 
> so far are:
> 0 = thumbnail
> 1 = small graphic
> 2 = medium graphic
> 3 = large graphic
> 4 = video (likely just mpg/avi)
> 5 = 360 degree rotation animation
> 6 = sound (mp3)

It occurs to me that you might be better off storing the MIME type 
instead.  MIME types are meaningful outside the context of the database 
and would likely be a good idea to record even if you do not forsee a 
need for it at this time.  It is useful to store a filename for the item 
in your media table regardless of whether or not the actual media item 
is in the database or on the filesystem because then you can provide a 
meaningful/traditional filename to users who wish to download the item.

You would generally do well under most DB management systems to store 
the binary data in a separate table if you are storing them in the 
database for performance reasons.  In that case, you would probably be 
well served by making two columns for the media_binary table:  an ID 
which is a foreign_key (no need for an auto-incremented key) to the 
media table described above that stores information about the media 
item, and a binary/blob/whatever (huge binary safe) field type you use 
in your DB.


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