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M.G. Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Mon Jun 30 15:53:22 CDT 2003

El lun, 30-06-2003 a las 22:27, Chris W. Parker escribió:
> Steve Lewis <mailto:nepolon at worlddomination.net> wrote:
> > Actually, it depends on the web scripting language you are using, and
> > you would generally obtain this data at the time the file was uploaded
> > to your server as the MIME type is included as part of the HTTP POST
> > action from the web browser.
> PHP, and getting it from the HTTP header will probably be even easier than using file. Good thinking.

Chris, after an http upload the mimetype is in the superglobal array
$_FILES. Actually in $_FILES['userfile']['type']

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