[thelist] free stock photography sites?

ted serbinski tss24 at cornell.edu
Mon Jun 30 17:07:05 CDT 2003

Hi all!

I'm just wondering what free stock photography sites you use that permit you
to use their images in both commericial and non-commericial settings on the
web. So far http://www.sxc.hu/ seems to be the best one, and it doesn't
limit downloads either!

Also, I've been searching for a few hours now, trying to find a great free
stock photography picture of a road perspective, sort of like the one below:

If anyone comes across any that are free for use, please let me know!

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For those of you wondering how to test a style sheet designed for printing
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and resources (ink, paper, ect.), and is the easiest solution, often
overlooked because of its simplicity.


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