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Charlie Griefer thelist at griefer.com
Mon Jun 30 18:30:38 CDT 2003

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> Also, as a customer I am not giving a third party site my ebay ID and
> password without some real assurances of its safekeeping.  As a company,
> there are very large liability issues that will need to be addressed.  I
> would treat the ebay information as valuable as credit card numbers.

this was the first thing that hit me (well, the second...the first was
probably the similarities to ebay and wondering how legal it was).

But the thought of putting in not only my userID, but my password as well
really didn't sit well with me.  I understand why it's necessary in order
for your service to do what it's supposed to do...but I agree 100% with
Norman.  That's very sensitive data and really needs to be treated as such.


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