[thelist] wish list

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Mon Jun 30 20:21:21 CDT 2003

The place I work has developed a "wish list". All the hardware and 
software engineers have gotten in on the action and have placed requests 
for various items. Myself, willing to get in on the "cool stuff at work" 
deal, is willing to put in some requests. I am a web / wap programmer 
working (primarily) with PHP and MySQL (some sql server work also). The 
IDE's and tools I use are all freebies / open source, and so I was 
wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what should be on my wish 
list. Anything from chairs, to software, to hardware (eg: are dual 
monitors worth it?) Whatever you evolters have shelled out cold hard 
cash for and found worthwhile please let me know.

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