[thelist] wish list

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Mon Jun 30 21:14:20 CDT 2003

Paul Bennett wrote:
> (eg: are dual monitors worth it?) 

Oh, you'd better believe it. If you've got the desk real estate, they're
certainly worth it -- I find it phenomenally useful, particularly to 
compare browser window <--> source code.

Basically, I have one window (full colour) running:
    - IE
    - Mozilla
    - Terminal Services/VNC
    - etc

With the other, which alas is only 256 colours, running stuff that
doesn't really need to look that good:
    - Outlook
    - Textpad
    - Explorer windows

Luckily for me, that breakdown works not only because of the colour
depth divide, but also because it's kind of how I logically break down
my work. I need to run Terminal Services at the same time as email, say, 
and Textpad at the same time as Mozilla, but rarely do I need Outlook
and Textpad, for example, at the same time.


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