[thelist] wish list

Wade Armstrong wade_lists at runstrong.com
Mon Jun 30 21:38:14 CDT 2003

on 6/30/03 6:21 PM, Paul Bennett at paul at teltest.com wrote:

> The place I work has developed a "wish list". Whatever you evolters have
> shelled out cold hard cash for and found worthwhile please let me know.

Love love love dual monitors. But let's be realistic:
- Priority 1: a nice, new, clear monitor that's easy to read from and not
- LCDs are easier on the eyes in the long term
- No such thing as too much screen real estate
I'd upgrade in that order - get an acceptable CRT if you don't have one,
upgrade to an LCD unless your CRT is quite new, and only once you're set
there get another monitor.

O'Reilly. 'Nuff said. Get more references and keep that library fresh with
new books that explain emerging best practices (from whatever publisher,

Ergonomically-correct stuff! Get a good chair. Get bolsters to place your
monitors at a comfortable height. Get a keyboard tray. Etc.

Can't have too many buttons on your mouse!

MSDN subscription is good if you're developing a bunch for MS technologies -
even for intranets with a high proportion of IE.

Pay for all that shareware you're using! Keep the good niche products
coming! Don't forget to donate to Evolt!

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