[thelist] wish list

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Mon Jun 30 21:46:36 CDT 2003

> IDE's and tools I use are all freebies / open source, and so I was 
> wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what should be 
> on my wish 
> list. Anything from chairs, to software, to hardware (eg: are dual 
> monitors worth it?) Whatever you evolters have shelled out cold hard 
> cash for and found worthwhile please let me know.

While my wish-list could stretch forever, if I was to limit it to my
five most essential items, it would be:

1. LCD monitor. If you don't already have one, forget dual-screen and
get a nice big (17in.+), high-quality one. If I spent as much time as I
do in front of a CRT, I'd be blind my now!

2. Videologic 5.1 audio system. Well, can *you* work without music?

3. Executive chair. If ur bum is gonna be stuck in one for most of the
day, make it a comfortable one.

4. EMS MySQL Manager. The best interface I've used for MySQL to date.

5. Personal, buxom masseuse. What? This is a *wish*-list, isn't it? LOL!

HTH, (but probably won't... ;-)


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