[thelist] wish list

Keith Dahlby dahlbyk at softhome.net
Mon Jun 30 23:20:51 CDT 2003

>1. LCD monitor. If you don't already have one, forget dual-screen and
>get a nice big (17in.+), high-quality one. If I spent as much time as I
>do in front of a CRT, I'd be blind my now!

I agree that LCD's are nicer on the eyes, but I'm used to 1600x1200+ on 
dual CRTs. Can anyone recommend a 17" or 19" LCD that can handle higher 
than 1280x960? That said, dual monitors are fantastic once you learn how to 
manage the real estate.


Exec. char:
+1 (mesh > cloth > leather)

For people that like laptop keyboards, the ViewSonic KU201 (~30 USD) has 
treated me well on my desktop. However, beware of a random backslash key 
seated between the left Alt and the spacebar...took a bit to get used to.

MS Intellimouse Explorer:


Gigabit network:
If they want something that can benefit everyone...

Complete browser compliance and elimination of HTML 3.2 from history:
If only...

Cheers ~ K

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