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rytames at telusplanet.net rytames at telusplanet.net
Tue Jul 1 01:20:49 CDT 2003

I have a few questions, and since this
group seems packed full of professional
folks, it must be a goos thing to ask em.

First of all, I'm looking for a job as a web designer/
multimedia developer. I know all the stuff I have to 
improve on, and secondary stuff I should learn...

This post is not me asking for a job, but rather,
I would like your veiws of:
a) My web sites.
b) My expereinces.
c) My personality.

First off, my experiences are nill. I was in college,
I did learn photoshop/illustrator/digital audio and
digital video; Project management, Plus some 
networking basics, and what not.

The problem was, I had to leave, so no diploma. I
figured the diploma would be meaningless anyway,
as the academics were not really pleasing.

The second things is, I can do all that, if I
had the equipment.

I'm not going to list the things I know, instead
I have two version of my online poirtfolio,
that I would like creteced, from the veiw point
of 'would I impress you, as a employer'.

The links are:

v1 - fairly basic ( i'm looking for opinions on v2 though ): 
v2 - still need to add more content:

A brief explaination is in order, becouse i like
to explain myself. First off, I did everything myself,
minus a few tid bits here and there.

v2 will replace v1, and v1 is slightly in limbo, so some
design elements are missing. 

v2 is supposed to reduce the clutter, and make it
easier to navigate, more interactive, and more intelligent,
as well, as offer more insight to 'me'.

I also decided to use to my advantage, peoples
perceptions, of 'me'.

I personally like v2 a lot more, but it is slightly more advanced,
and I opted to attempt a lot of javascript and css. The thing
is, I have not coded any server side funcationality as of yet, and
that is where the cooler stuff comes into play.

I know of the spelling mistakes, and all the missing content.

I like it thus far, but I don't think it 'wow' enough to be hired from.
v1 is ok, it mostly concentrated on my graphic works. v2 though,
i want to display more on my development skills.

advice? comments?

would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot more 'stuff' to
add, just right now, getting the code i have done, woking
correctly in as many browsers as possible. I have removed
some features, as they work IE and Opera, but not netscape/mozilla.

note to, that it is stuffering from scope creep, as i'm getting more
ideas, as i add more code.

it is partially optimized, but i can optimize it a lot more.

i don't veiw it as very high tech, but I hope it to be later on.

anything else? ya, if you veiw the css and js code, I can say, i need
to organize it better, in more of relational modular fashion.

any opinions are welcome, and appreciated.

the whole point of the v2, is to eventually get it very modular,
so I can change any element, via cgi, at will; I am looking
into db/sql, and python.  As I would rather beable to use it
for other scripting hosts, as well.

other plans include xml, smil, wap/wml, and more experimental 
stuff, as it seems i have a huge interest range.


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