[thelist] compatibility testing?

Alan Wood alan.wood at context.co.uk
Tue Jul 1 02:45:36 CDT 2003

Andy Hitchcock wrote:

> Thanks for replying, no I mean IE 4.72, I thought it was a 
> trick of the light but IE 4.72 did exist if a number of 
> articles I found whilst searching are correct, I vaguely 
> remember it, couldn't be sure....seems like it was brushed 
> under the carpet quickly, even evolt has no copy of 
> it...grrrrr I need it for testing.

We keep lots of old browsers for QA.  The highest versions of I.E. 4 that we
have seen are 4.01 for Windows and 4.51 for Mac OS 9.

Alan Wood
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