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Ed McCarroll Ed at ComSimplicity.com
Tue Jul 1 02:48:37 CDT 2003


I looked at your sites, and frankly, I found V1 much more usable.
V2 is heavy on techno-tricks which show off your many abilities,
at the cost of losing my interest.  (Sorry to be so negative; I
really do sympathize with your position; I'm in a similar place

I would suggest that you either go back to school, or look for an
internship with someone who can offer you some serious mentorship.

A few of the things that gave me this impression:  (using IE6, W2K)

- White on black background (rarely a good idea) clashes with color
  scheme in content area.

- Weird dithering effect in pale blue section made text hard to
  read.  See screenshot at:


- Gray on black "Vision Art Media" almost illegible due to poor
  contrast.  See screenshot, above.

- "Icons" on Sites page might strike me as less gimmicky if you
  displayed alt text and changed to a link cursor on mouseover.
  It would also be good if the "Icons" gave graphic clues as to
  where they lead.  You know, like the way a word processor uses
  an image of a printer for the print icon.

- Pay attention to spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and
  grammar.  Your site gives me the impression you'd be a cool
  dude to party with, but if you're trying to get hired, you don't
  want to look like a h at ck3r.  Who's your audience, and how do you
  want them to respond?

- If you're looking for serious jobs, don't solicit "tips" via PayPal.
  And if you do use PayPal, don't put it in a window so small that I
  have to scroll in both directions just to use the form.

Anyhow, that's my $.02.  Once again, sorry to be so critical; you
do have a lot going for yourself.  I just think your site could do
a much better job of selling your skills.



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