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rytames at telusplanet.net rytames at telusplanet.net
Tue Jul 1 03:23:33 CDT 2003

On 1 Jul 2003 at 0:48, Ed McCarroll wrote:

> Ryan,

Ah, I guess your right, i'm playing around with it now.
I know what I have to do to get hired, but, I'd rather 'be myself'.

Theres that 'hacker' word again, in my defense, it is not true,
I am not.

But, a lethal dose of reality never hurts, that's why
i'm asking for opinions.

The tip thing, ya, I want to remove that, i never liked it
from the get go, and the only reason its there, is to
see what happens, ( i did just remove it ). it was more
of an online experiment to see what people do; sounds silly
I know, but in reality, i still do not know exactly what
i will use the web for; I figured communication through artistic media, but
also I thought maybe for the benefit of human-kind; and
the tip thing was a smaller part of a greater plan; which
I won't mention here, as it is more 'radical' and 'libertarian'
in nature, that goes against the very fabric of

it is the professionalism aspect, I need to learn about,
as personality wise, i'm quite the opposite.

Thanks for your comments, I never 
veiwed any as negative, just realistic.


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