[thelist] problem with NN4.7 not processing PHP pages

Andy Warwick mailing.lists at creed.co.uk
Tue Jul 1 06:40:15 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, July 1, 2003, at 12:22 PM, Sharon F. Malone wrote:

>> Using nn 4.7 os9.
> Thanks, Rudy and Ben. Please excuse the missing "s" in the url. I seem 
> to be on an all-nighter and the fingers aren't following the brain as 
> well right now.
> Looks like 4.7 is the only culprit so far. As to why, not sure yet.
> Here it is again for anyone else interested in testing:
> http://www.exact-data.com/html/scanners_software.html

In the dim and distant past I seem to remember something about some 
browsers not liking 'method="post"', but they would work okay if it was 
rewritten 'method="POST"'. Might be an urban legend, but if all else 
fails might be worth a try.

(The spec says 'Possible (case-insensitive) values are "get" (the 
default) and "post"', but we all know how flaky browsers can be :)


Andy W

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