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> Joshua Olson wrote:
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> > I have a DELL 17" monitor (D1025TM) that I've used now for a
> > couple years at 1600x1200.  So far I'm quite pleased with it.
> > It's nearing the end of its useful life, but back in its
> > hayday it was incredibly clear.
> An LCD monitor only lasts 2 years?  Is this normal?  I have been thinking
> buying one soon, but I will stick with CRT if an LCD will need replacing
> after 2 years.  My 5-year-old Dell 17" CRT is still working well.

Sorry about that... I guess my response was confusing in that I didn't R2D2
the question.  I was responding to:

Can you recommend a 17" CRT that can run at 1600x1200+ ?!? :-)

What I meant by "end of its useful life" is that it's not as clear as it was
3 years ago.  It's still pretty clear, but I do see some ghosting on high
contracts boundaries.  I've had the monitor for 3 years and I believe it was
over a year old when I got it.  For a four year old monitor that gets as
much use as this one it's not doing to bad.

My wife keeps threatening to buy my a couple flat panel monitors, but I'm
waiting for the magic combination of resolution/size/cost.  Anything
comparable to my 17" 1600x1200 CRT costs way too much in LCD.  I suffer from
claustrophobia (from tunnel vision?) when my resolution drops to or below

I'm in no hurry to swap out.

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