[thelist] wish list

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Jul 1 09:59:19 CDT 2003

paul asked:

> The place I work has developed a "wish list"
> Anything from chairs, to software, to hardware (eg: are dual
> monitors worth it?) Whatever you evolters have shelled out cold hard
> cash for and found worthwhile please let me know.

personally, i work best with two computers. i set my laptop next to my test
machine and write code on one while previewing on the other. sometimes i run
a loadtester from the laptop. when a client is here, they can sit in front
of the test box, and i can tweak away for them from the laptop. i can even
terminal service into the test box from the laptop, so i can upload changes
without having to push the client out of the way.

i recently got a toshiba laptop with a full P4 2.4 (no celeron, or
whatever), and a 16" (viewable) screen -- that's right -- 16" viewable.
its a big, heavy, ugly monster: the complete antithesis of the current
"light-and-pretty" laptop craze. i love it.

from the dotjeff corner:

> when it comes to chairs there is nothing that can touch an aeron chair
> herman miller.  it'll set ya back a good chunk of change, but your ass
> back and shoulders) will thank you (i speak from experience).  get it with
> all the options.  they don't cost that much more and you'll want them
> a few days of getting the chair anyway.  *don't* buy one without going and
> finding out which size fits the best.

check out if there's an office furniture liquidator in your area. we have a
place nearby that buys up furniture from belly-up dotcoms. i got my herman
miller for $200 US!


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