[thelist] wish list

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Tue Jul 1 10:10:40 CDT 2003

> >An LCD monitor only lasts 2 years?  Is this normal?
> Quite possibly true. Tha guys here were discussing this a few 
> weeks ago. Be warned some things may not be under warranty 
> such as if a pixel goes out. You're stuck with a irremovable 
> black dot on your screen. You'll eventually replace it. 

Perhaps in the bad old days an LCD would only last that long, but the
lifespan of most modern examples is much longer. My Iiyama came with a
3-yr onsite warranty, which says something in itself and dead pixels
aren't as much of a problem as you might imagine. My own has two that
I'm aware of, but I've long since learned to live with them. Would I go
back to CRT for the sake of a couple pixels? I don't think so!


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