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> Why do people like HomeSite so much? What does it have over...say
> Dreamweaver? Any input would be appreciated.


Personally, I love HomeSite over DW.  I'm a ColdFusion developer...have been
for about 6 years.  I've always used CF Studio as an IDE (which was
basically HomeSite with a few modifications to accomodate CF tags...help
files, etc).

Actually, I used HomeSite before CF Studio existed, so it's always been my
development environment.

I don't like WYSIWYG code generators myself.  I have always coded by
hand...I'm very anal about having clean, readable code, and I don't believe
that WYSIWYG can give you that.

I recently tried DWMX, as Macromedia no longer makes the CF Studio product
(Studio MX is now the name of the collective suite of software that includes
DWMX, FlashMX, etc).  I tried it based on feedback that one could configure
it in a 'code view' versus a 'design view', and that it would not be much
different than CF Studio.

True, I was able to configure it as such, and use it in code view...but my
biggest problem with it at that point was that it took forever to load or
open new files.  Since I only wanted to use it in code view, I didn't need
all of the other features (which are the features that I say make it

So to bottom line it...HomeSite gives me an environment where I can code by
hand...it color codes my code to make it easier to debug...it's a very lean
program that opens quickly and doesn't take up a lot of system resources
when it's in use...and...well...habit :)


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