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Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Tue Jul 1 11:15:14 CDT 2003

Funny thing, just yesterday I got an email via one of my websites from 
someone studying to be a "webmaster" who wanted advice on finding a job. 
The subject was exactly the same as yours. I thought for a moment I'd 
misdirected my response to thelist.

Message from rytames at telusplanet.net (7/1/2003 01:53 AM)
>On 1 Jul 2003 at 1:59, jsWalter wrote:
> > PS: your site is too artsy. Too heavy in large images.
>Ya, I aimed for the artsiness, cuase I am artsy. Its just
>to display my works, and hope enhance that I a vision, and am
>creative. Corperate america can wait a bit.

I agree with both who responded. The first version is actually a lot more 
visually appealing and polished looking. The problem with "artsy" is that 
it's a very subjective concept. What might look way cool to you looks very 
rookie-ish and unappealing to me.

Coupled with the innumerable spelling errors (you really should invest in a 
good dictionary, and use it - or dictionary.reference.com if you're on a 
budget) the graphic design creates an impression of a very amateurish site. 
Doesn't make me the slightest bit interested in what the words say (the 
ones I can read without squinting anyways).

The biggest lesson you learn as a developer is not how to use the newest, 
fanciest technology or using them all just because you can. It's using the 
appropriate technology to do the job.

Given your self-described 'many interests' I would suggest looking into 
specific projects that utilise the various technologies to solve specific 
problems, rather than trying to clump them all into one site.

A potential employer will be a lot more interested in seeing that you "Used 
technology X to achieve Y, thereby solving Z" than "Used technology X just 
because it was cool and I knew how to do it"

>I got a 'ingenius'(?) idea to suplement the main layout with CSS, so:

Really. If you ignore everything else i said, get the dictionary.

ingenius -> ingenious
veiw -> view (i before e, except after c, or in the word 'weird')


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