[thelist] PHP and Apache, each in a box. Possible?

M.G. Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Tue Jul 1 12:09:15 CDT 2003

El mar, 01-07-2003 a las 16:22, Jay Blanchard escribió:
> [snip]
> i've been asked by a client, who has an standard apache+php app, about
> the possibility of having a second box, apache only and handling the php
> request trough the first box PHP binaries.
> I've chosen the honest way and told him i've never ever considered such
> setup, but i've promised to do some research.
> [/snip]
> PHP support is compiled into Apache (from a web perspective) so I do not
> belive that this can be done. I have sent a quick request to the PHP
> list about this...just in case. Many folks (for security reasons) have
> Apache+PHP on one box, with that box connected to another box hosting
> the database.

I told him i hadn't heard of something like that before but again, there
are so many tricks i don't know, i didn't want to discard the
possibility without asking

What was that php list you mentioned? I didn't want to add to my
never-ending 'list of lists' but i guess it's time to ... 
> Why would the client want this set up? Is it a perception of security?

I don't know exactly yet but for what i've been told by now: 

It's a fair large company, whose intranet was built by us. Right now,
it's two twin servers and a load balancer. Today they phoned me asking
about wanting to set up a third server, which would be accesible from
internet (maybe for a public show of the intranet or something) but they
wished to install only Apache and let the already existing php do the

It *does* sounds pretty convoluted to me ... :) 

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