[thelist] HomeSite

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Jul 1 12:09:22 CDT 2003

Gabriel Vasquez <enkryption at verizon.net> wrote:
> Why do people like HomeSite so much? What does it have over...say
> Dreamweaver? Any input would be appreciated.

well, now that "Homesite Plus" is *part* of Dreamweaver MX, it has very
little i suppose :-)  one thing that i heard is missing from the version
of Homesite that is integrated into Dreamweaver MX is the multi-file
search and replace with full regexp support... it's quite a geeky
feature, i'll concede, but one that i would miss greatly.

also Homesite is only $99 while Dreamweaver MX is $399

i'm seriously trying to *migrate* from Homesite to Dreamweaver MX
because there've been rumblings and rumors in the industry that
Macromedia may discontinue it as a stand-alone product, possibly
integrating it deeply into their other products.  Cold Fusion Studio
also uses an only-slightly-tweaked version of Homesite for it's
HTML/CFML Code editing user-interface, so this seems fairly likely.

then again, maybe Macromedia has seen the light and will keep it alive
as a separate product.  although Homesite is no longer even mentioned on
Macromedia's homepage, the link from the Products page describes it
quite well:

"HomeSite 5 - The HTML hand-coding tool with a cult following"


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