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Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 13:18:20 CDT 2003

--- David Kaufman <david at gigawatt.com> wrote:

> i'm seriously trying to *migrate* from Homesite to Dreamweaver MX
> because there've been rumblings and rumors in the industry that
> Macromedia may discontinue it as a stand-alone product, possibly
> integrating it deeply into their other products.[snip]

I wouldn't jump the gun on that. MM has repeatedly stated they have
no current plans to discontinue HS, even though a new release is not
currently forthcoming (nor entirely needed). 

Frankly, even if MM *did* discontinue it - it doesn't affect me.
Nothing MM does effects how I use the app. The web is chock full of
HS resources that are completely separate from MM. So the last thing
I would do is migrate to MX in fear of something that may not happen,
and even if it did - wouldn't affect you much.

The best thing you can do if you like HS is let MM know. I know many
on this list have done so, and believe me your voice matters.

Just my .02


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