[thelist] Form, text box white space

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Jul 1 13:21:54 CDT 2003

> <img
> src="images/general/main_site/top/search.gif" width="48" height="24"
> alt="" border="0"><form
> style="display: inline;"><input type="text" size="10" style="height:
> 16px; vertical-align: top; display: inline; padding: 0px;"></form><img
> src="images/general/main_site/top/go.gif" width="17" height="16" alt=""
> border="0" hspace=5>

i have even more bad news, you must nest the input field in something like a
DIV or P, in order for the page to valildate

however, this may actually help you, because then you can style the
container (if not the form itself) to have margin:0 and padding:0 and this
may resolve your spacing issues

another approach to your difficulty might be to consider the two images to
belong semantically to the form (think about it -- they do), and thus
include them inside the <form>...</form> structure, which means you won't
have to use display:inline for your form, and that may resolve your spacing

consider the structure first and foremost, and make sure it is correct and
validates, even if the site does not require validation as a development
objective -- whenever i get validation errors or warnings, i have invariably
found that applying css in order to achieve some effect is always easier
after i address the structural problems

hope that helps



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