[thelist] PS > DW > NP Same Table Problem

Casey Crookston casey at thecrookstons.com
Tue Jul 1 15:43:56 CDT 2003

The cells will resize without the image because HTML can not be trusted to
set its own width and height according to width and height tags.  Did that
make sense?

In other words, just because you say <td with="x"> does not mean that the
width tag will be obayed, espiacly if you have content in other td's in the
same table.

If you want to be absolutly sure that the table will remain in tact, then do
this: in PhotoShop create an image that is 72 DPI and 1 pixel wide by 1
pixel high.  Make sure it is an empty image with only a background (so that
it shows the grey checkers indidcating blank space.)  Save this image as a
gif and call it what ever you want (i call mine dot.gif).  What you have now
is a 1x1 transparent gif.

Now, in your table, put this image in the td from which your sliced image
has been removed and size it to what ever you need.  <img src="art.gif"
width="250" height ="1" border="0" alt="">.  The image will not be seen, but
what ever is behind it will be seen.  And you can stretch it to what ever
size you need, but it will not increase page download speed as its only a
1x1 image.



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> Hello Experts,
> I am trying to create a navigation bar with Photoshop using its Slices
Tool and
> Save For Web utility. After saving the sliced image, I open the web page
> (created by PS) with Dreamweaver. I try to remove the central part of the
> to set a background colour there and type text. When I remove this central
> (single-coloured) image the other cells of the (image slices) table
> automatically resize themselves messing up all parts of navigation bar. I
> put width and height attributes in each <td> tag but all in vain. I have
> heights and widths of some cells with CSS but no success.
> I have removed the above mentioned image with Notepad also (by editing
HTML) but
> same problem is there.
> Why do other cells resize when I remove one image from a cell?
> How can I control the cells' widths and heights for navigation bar?
> Thank you,
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