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Tue Jul 1 16:14:02 CDT 2003

Hi Ray:

I do understand that HS+ is now cheaper than the original CF Studio... BUT
(and you knew one was coming)...

I'm currently looking at holding some training classes at work to teach some
of our other developers web development (and specifically CF).  Having to
buy IDEs for each of the trainees (some of whom probably won't even be doing
web work after the class) could be a fairly significant expense.

I've been looking at UltraEdit, which seems very, very nice.  Just as nice
as CF Studio was.  Only thing it's missing is (obviously) the CF help files
(it's nice to right click on a tag when you forget the attributes) :)

But for $30-something vs $399 for DWMX to get HS+... the tag insight doesn't
seem all that important anymore :)

I know this strays from your point (which is certainly 100% accurate...HS+
is cheaper than it's predecessor (CF Studio 5)).

To address one of your points more directly (MM being 'bastards' (and yes, i
know it was tongue-in-cheek))...one HUGE difference (as I see it) between
the $100-more-expensive CF Studio and the current HS+ is that CF Studio was
an ongoing product that was publicized just as much as any other MM product.

I find it very disturbing that MM has not made the existence of HS+ known to
folks.  Hell, I had Studio MX here at work for a couple of months before I
heard about HS+ on cf-talk...and if it hadn't been for cf-talk, I still
don't know that I'd be aware of it.

If MM plans to continue to support us 'developer's (those that prefer the
text-based IDEs to the WYSIWYG environments) by continuing development of
HS+ and releasing new versions...why keep the existence of the product such
a secret?  It really just screams of "here...we know we're pissing off the
people who want a code-based IDE by discontinuing CF Studio...so we'll throw
you a bone with this HS+...but don't expect it to last".

Hey, I loved CF Studio as much as anybody.  And I do currently use HS+ as my
IDE.  But I do have concerns about the longevity of the product...as well as
 the cost of buying additional licenses when products like UltraEdit exist.

If MM really wants me to stick with them for an IDE...give me a code-based
IDE that you're proud of.  One that you're actively marketing that I feel
will still exist in a year.  And even though it may be cheaper than the old
CF Studio, price it competitively.


please forgive the rambling rant.  I know that your were only making a point
of the fact that HS+ is currently (just about) everything CF Studio 5 was.
And I don't disagree wtih that.  For some reason (and I'll be damned if I
know what it is)...this just felt like a good time to vent my 'concerns'
with HS+  :)


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> > I recently tried DWMX, as Macromedia no longer makes the CF
> > Studio product (Studio MX is now the name of the collective
> Sorry if I sound like a broken record. You are correct that MACR no
> longer makes a product called ColdFusion Studio. However, all they did
> was rename it to HomeSite+, packaged it with Dreaweaver MX, and made it
> cheaper. (Those bastards! ;)
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