[thelist] PS > DW > NP Same Table Problem

Casey Crookston casey at thecrookstons.com
Tue Jul 1 16:54:11 CDT 2003

> In fact, I am trying to keep the cell empty from any image. I want to type
> in the cell. A 1x1 image is called a spacer. PS creates spacer images (if
> feels any need) when a sliced image is saved. I already have many such
> (readymade) spacers. PS calls such an image "spacer.gif".
> --
> Syed Zeeshan Haider.

Ah.  Okay.  In that case you could create an 'empty' <tr> either in the
first or the last row, with td's which contain nothing more then
spacer.gif's that force the rest of the table to conform.  It won't be seen,
and can be only one pixel high (or wide if the problem is vertical), but it
will hold the td's above or below it in place.



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