[thelist] Periods stripped in CDONTS email.

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Tue Jul 1 18:51:12 CDT 2003

Casey Crookston wrote:
> There is a HOTFIX provided by Microsoft for this problem. The Hotfix will
> included in SP3 for Windows 2000.
> The KB Article for the hot fix is Q286358 :
> http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;Q286358

This is almost certainly the problem that Adam was having; that said, the
Microsoft documentation on this is next to useless.

They say that you need smtpmd.exe to set it via the command line; getting
hold of this utility is a chore indeed. Once you've got it, you may
find (I certainly did) that the command given doesn't work. At all.

After about 4 hours of screwing around, here's the _ACTUAL_ command, so
hopefully you won't have to wrestle with it like I did:

    smtpmd set -s <servername> -path SmtpSvc/1 -prop 37030
               -dtype DWORD -value 1 -attrib inherit

Hope this helps (Microsoft certainly didn't),


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