[thelist] excuses to use OOP (in PHP)

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Jul 1 20:39:53 CDT 2003

Paul Bennett <mailto:paul at teltest.com> wrote:

> As part of my next work project (large) I would like to have an excuse
> to use / learn some OOP, to see what all the fuss is about. I will be
> building a custom cms from the ground up (essentially), and so have a
> wide range of "shtuff" I can use it on. Anyone have any ideas what I
> could use OOP for? Or should I stick with me old functions and stay
> "uneducated"


I am currently building my own shopping cart (it's going quite well I might add :)!!) and I've just started using OOP. And although I think I'm doing a good job I'm willing to say that an experienced programmer might be able to make great improvements in my code. Still, I think that what I've got so far is much better than what I would have had I not used OOP.

It makes things, I think, a lot easier to keep track off. Normally I get a little Dazed and Confused once the project starts to get pretty big.

Planning is also good.

Hope that helps.

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