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rytames at telusplanet.net rytames at telusplanet.net
Tue Jul 1 22:15:27 CDT 2003

On 1 Jul 2003 at 16:47, Shawn K. Quinn wrote:

> Get rid of every 12px font size and adjust the remaining ones to be
> ((old value in px)/12)em (14px would become 1.17em for example). 20px
> line height with 12px text would be 1.67em.

Ya, that was a choice of unexperience. Actually the whole
design probally was, but I only did it to experiment.

> V2 degrades *very* ungracefully in the absence of Javascript. I feel
> confused about just what is wrong with a plain HTML link. Some users
> either won't have Javascript capable browsers, or will disable this
> capability. (Given the number of security problems with Javascript
> over the years, who can really blame them?)

I realize that. The js is for two things:

1) so text links open in the iframe; Also so it is intelligent enough
to open an offsite or onsite anchor to a page that is supposed open
in a iframe, with in the iframe.

2) So images open in the image 'box'. And so, I can link to an
image, and it will open in the image box. I have'nt added this 
feature yet.

1&&2)  so they don't get indexed by search engines.

> After making a "sacrifical lamb" user account just to see what this
> Javascript does, it's really nothing that can't be done better with
> plain links anyway. I should have trusted my instinct and not wasted
> my time.

We all have our opinions. I do not see any large security risks
with JavaScript. Browser sniffing? Can be done on the server side.
Cookies? Are very limited.

> V1 is *much* better, it only suffers from readability problems when
> the font size is bumped up.

I'm starting to see that it is. I'll be using v2 for something else,
and v1, I will need to supplement with php. Thats where v2
came from, to change a link for example, the man hours
I spent on v1 was insane, and I am not 'that' good at server
side scripting, yet.

The main contributors to this list, I would think are not
your average joe developers, and I wanted to see, from
the folks that responded, what their primary importance was
in a web site, so I can use that to search for those experiences,
not to steal styles, but just to inquire what folks that have the 
experience think.

In reality I don't ask many questions, And for the most part,
I'm doing some small changes to myself. I would never
use anyone else code, as I thought it was better if I did
it myself.

And that's is what I am doing, chalking it up to learning.

Thanks for your comments.


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