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Wed Jul 2 03:23:27 CDT 2003

On 1 Jul 2003 at 23:04, jsWalter wrote:

> > ... unexperience...
> is that a word?

You know, I can respond to this in many ways, which could

1)  No, I just made it up *shrugs*.

It supposed to mean:

"Under the level, that would define Experience in that topic; has partial 
experience, though slightly under the lvl of specifics of the [whatever topic],
that understanding may require." Not as harse as saying,
'no experience', etc.

2) I am getting the impression that either, there are egos present
in this group, that are greater then my own; Or, various people
must follow the paths that some other person has laid out, which
if I ever post here again; Every post will have a response "is that
a word?", "get a dictionary", to which I will end responding "don't you have
better things to do in life then to 'hang on to' my every word?". Also,
for certain words I will be like "it was a typo", and "thats how it is spelt,
with French or aboriginal or British influence in Canada". 
Ultimately, sooner or later, I will freak out and start verbally attacking 
the many responses that contain typos, spelling mistakes, and/or
grammatical errors. I know it will happen, again, and again. All I
have to do is sit back and wait for the opportunities.

3) Why can't folks constructively attack my ideas for once, or
is my grammar so horrible they do not comprehend the slightest

I suppose, if I want people to like me, I should only respond
to their whims "Yes, please excuse my stupidity." or "you made your
point, I did go 'so' over board with that word'.. ??
or 'haha! that is not even a word! you caught me, you are so witty'

If it matters any, in my life, spelling and grammar, always
was rather meaningless, and never attributed anything to
my survival; Hence, it means less to me, then to some other
person. In a world of academics, I place linguistics only
as necessary, to communicate what you are trying to say;
Spoken and written Language is not even needed for understanding, which
I learned first hand, by working side by side, with people who
do not speak my language, where we communicated strictly
in a visual sense, pertaining to motion, which may include
bodily motion.

In a medium like the web, that interests me very much; However,
I will state no ones survival is dependant on the words, it is
dependant on the ideas, facts, fiction, wisdom, and/or knowledge
behind the words. Words being but one medium.

Maybe, it is just me, but I see no crime in it. I don't see it as sloppy,
I don't see it as stupid. Maybe it is just a game we are taught to play
in grade school.

All that aside, I do see your, and other peoples perspective, and I have 
decided to pay slightly more attention to spelling, and grammar; And I
will think twice, the next I am about to create a word.

I have been influenced.


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