[thelist] Site Review / Good Resource

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Wed Jul 2 06:41:38 CDT 2003

> Evolters,
> I've created a tool that can be used to generate common web 
> based scripting language code based on a user supplied 
> database schema. It's a huge time saver for me, so I wrapped 
> it up, made it a bit more robust, and would like to share it with all.
> I need help with a few things - first of all, does the site 
> work in common browsers/platforms. It's currently been tested 
> on IE 6.0, Opera 8, and Mozilla 1.0. I'd like to know how it 
> works and looks on others.
> Also, what can I do to improve it (besides adding more 
> support for common languages and methodologies, etc)?

Oooooh. Intriguing. I've had a nose through (looks fine in Netscape 7
too, btw) and it seems pretty cool, although as I don't know CF I
couldn't figure out *exactly* what it does, although from what I could
make out, it builds forms for manipulating the data of the supplied db?
Am I embarrassingly far off the mark or what?

Documentation. A tiny bit more detail on it's precise purpose would be
nice. Maybe I'm just tired, but I'm still unsure of it's entire scope -
as in exactly how much and what level of code it can/will build.

Form Validation. On Step 1, clicking "Next" without completing all
inputs throws up a CF error. Preselect values perhaps, especially those
where alternatives are disabled? On remaining steps, omitting all values
just ends up in a blank result.


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