[thelist] Site Review / Good Resource

Buffington, Michael michael.buffington at office.xerox.com
Wed Jul 2 07:56:55 CDT 2003

Wow, very quickly from the reviews thus far I can determine a few things:
1. People don't read docs right away (I'm not discouraged, but it's just true)
2. I need some form validation/error catching for missing values
3. I need to make it more clear as to what it does

If you're still interested in seeing it all the way through, and you're getting the following error:

"The value to be encrypted is not valid"

Visit the docs, grab the CSV example, and paste it into the textarea.

It also seems that some browsers cannot see the text area, which likely has to do with the Javascript that hides/shows divs based on form selections. Not sure how to fix this, but so far, most major browsers behave correctly.

Thanks for the tips so far, I'll likely make some fixes within a few hours.

Michael Buffington

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