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Buffington, Michael michael.buffington at office.xerox.com
Wed Jul 2 08:06:29 CDT 2003

Correct. Based on the db schema, it generates code that will let you add, delete, update, and view records in a DB. Depending on the platform, it can create that code in a lot of different ways. In ColdFusion, for example, it can create straight ColdFusion files, or embed everything in CFCs (which is a lot different than straight CF files). Not knowing CF, this doesn't mean much, but the point is, it's not just spitting out vanilla code.

Very shortly, the tool will support automatic database introspection. Supply some server details and the tool will inspect your DB for you, and bypass any CSV or XML database schema files. This of course raises some security concerns, not to mention the fact that most DB's are behind firewalls, but the point is, it will be available as an option.

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Oooooh. Intriguing. I've had a nose through (looks fine in Netscape 7
too, btw) and it seems pretty cool, although as I don't know CF I
couldn't figure out *exactly* what it does, although from what I could
make out, it builds forms for manipulating the data of the supplied db?
Am I embarrassingly far off the mark or what?

Documentation. A tiny bit more detail on it's precise purpose would be
nice. Maybe I'm just tired, but I'm still unsure of it's entire scope -
as in exactly how much and what level of code it can/will build.

Form Validation. On Step 1, clicking "Next" without completing all
inputs throws up a CF error. Preselect values perhaps, especially those
where alternatives are disabled? On remaining steps, omitting all values
just ends up in a blank result.


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