[thelist] Site Review / Good Resource

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Wed Jul 2 08:23:46 CDT 2003

> Correct. Based on the db schema, it generates code that will 
> let you add, delete, update, and view records in a DB. 
> Depending on the platform, it can create that code in a lot 
> of different ways. In ColdFusion, for example, it can create 
> straight ColdFusion files, or embed everything in CFCs (which 
> is a lot different than straight CF files). Not knowing CF, 
> this doesn't mean much, but the point is, it's not just 
> spitting out vanilla code.
> Very shortly, the tool will support automatic database 
> introspection. Supply some server details and the tool will 
> inspect your DB for you, and bypass any CSV or XML database 
> schema files. This of course raises some security concerns, 
> not to mention the fact that most DB's are behind firewalls, 
> but the point is, it will be available as an option.

Glad I wasn't losing the plot completely... :) Oddly enough, I wrote a
simpler version a few years back for an old employer. Lost the code at
some point, but always did have the idea to resurrect it in the back of
my mind. I'd be interested in helping you out with the ASP side of
things, if the extra hands are helpful.

Regarding the textarea display problems you mentioned, you might
consider the DOM script that PPK devised for precisely such a situation:



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