[thelist] Win2K box burnout

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Wed Jul 2 10:41:33 CDT 2003

> Can you boot into safe mode at all? (F8 before the Windows screens start)
> If not, boot off your Windows 2000 CD, and try the "Repair" option. This
> should keep your user accounts and settings, but will replace your Windows
> 2000 system files (and fix your master boot record). You will need to
> install Service Pack 4 after this process.
> Else, you can do what you are proposing (install to a new hard disk, and
> mount the existing one as a slave).

I have had this problem as well and here is how I fixed it. There is a
little known repair option built into the win2k CD. Boot using the CD and
proceed to an install. If the cd can detect your previous windows install
(and it should if you are just moving motherboards) there will be an
option to repair the current installation.

This is a little bit of a scary ordeal to go through as it is almost the
same as doing a complete reinstall. However, it will keep all user
accounts in tack and will not delete anything except old windows 2000

Once the repair is finished, you will have to reinstall any service packs,
drivers, and maybe software. This kinda depends on the system.

This extended repair option is only available, though, when you enter the
install part of the CD. The repair listed on the first real screen you get
to is not what I am refering to. (It probably won't solve your problem

Chris Johnston

chris at fuzzylizard.com

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